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  • Shamar M

    Shamar M

    BSc Psychology. PG DIP HR Management. UK. based. Editor of Show Your City publication. Top Writer in Sports.

  • Abdul naseer

    Abdul naseer

    Lawyer by profession and I can’t go a day without reading true crime material

  • Robert Ralph

    Robert Ralph

    I am a writer and run a publication called “New Writers Welcome” https://medium.com/new-writers-welcome come and join us, we can be successful together

  • Emesh HW

    Emesh HW

    Opera Singer | Law, Investment Economics and Languages | Carnivore

  • JJ Rangi

    JJ Rangi

    Writer, Aspiring Chef & Pro Wrestler with a number of Experiences,Hobbies and Storys to share.

  • James Trodden

    James Trodden

    Writing and sharing stories about the beauty of Humanity. Teacher, Wanderer, Human.

  • Kyle VanderHeyden

    Kyle VanderHeyden

    I have a degree in Karate from Harvard. My shirt size is extra medium. I will destroy the moon.

  • Jean Elizabeth Glass

    Jean Elizabeth Glass

    I write things. A lot. I love to travel and plan to travel full time in 2022. I also do editing and content creation. You can find me at wordsmithweb.com

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