15-year-old Rachel‘s murder was turned into a movie.

Rachel Barber (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

14-year-old Michael Crowe and his friends were coerced into confessing to her murder.

Stephanie Ann Crowe (Source: sandiegouniontribune.com/handout photo)

It is suspected that Tamara Samsonova cannibalized her victims.

(Source: Express.co.uk/Credit: East2west News)

The story of Pauline and Juliet was made into a movie starring Kate Winslet.

Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker (Source: Huffpost.com)

He put makeup on her corpse and sewed her eyelids open, then took a photo for her family.

Newspaper photo of Samantha Koenig (Source: Dark Minds/Investigation Discovery)

Background of a Killer

Investigators say her stepfather is a person of interest.

Julia Niswender (Credit: Justice for Julia Niswender via Facebook)

DNA identified her killer 17 years later.

Jessica Lyn Keen (Source: alchetron.com)

Killer’s journal reveals his plans to become a serial killer.

Jamie Gough, Michael Hernandez in prison, and Hernandez at trial. (Source: crimeonline.com)

Her mother was nearly decapitated with a samurai sword.

From left: Matthew, Terry, Tyler, Penny, and Erin Caffey. (Source: Murderpedia.com)

And the sheriff could be covering it up.

James Conn Nipp, Molly Miller, and Colt Haynes. (Source: News9.com)

Rivy Lyon

Crime Journalist. I’ve loved true crime since Forensic Files was originally Medical Detectives! @unquestionablycriminal

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