15-year-old Rachel‘s murder was turned into a movie.

Rachel Barber (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Text messages sent to his mom claim he was murdered, but law enforcement disagrees

Tanner Ward (Source: republican-times.com)

CCTV captured his movements on the night he vanished

(Artist’s rendition of Alan Jeal. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police)

Their killer gets married, fathers a baby while in prison and is featured on a reality tv show!

Reggie and Carol Sumner (Source: ABC News)

She posted on her social media, “I’m planning your funeral!!”

Kuston Johnson and Kaylee Whitehall (Source: True Crime Daily)

Two school friends completely vanish without a trace

Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann (Source: Straits Times)

There are still bodies out there and only The Green River Killer knows where they are

Gary Leon Ridgway (Source: Arrow Media/Judith Mawson)

Green River Discovery

Could “Bridge Guy” be responsible for the deaths of Lyric and Elizabeth five years prior?

Abigail Williams, Liberty German, Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins. (Source: Facebook)

At 9 months old, little Jacob’s life was cut short and no one has been prosecuted for his death.

Jacob Landin (Source: Provided by Eric Carter-Landin)

A killer got away with murdering Samantha Folsom and tried to conceal the crime scene

Jon, Samantha and Joline, 2002. (Source: Bell Photographic/Family Photo)

Rivy Lyon

I’ve loved true crime since Forensic Files was originally Medical Detectives! @unquestionablycriminal

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